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Inquiry & Booking
I want to meet you! After receiving your initial inquiry on my contact form, I will reach out with a guide about my film collections. Then we set up a time to talk and connect. Once you're ready, I will send a proposal with a contract and payment plan to become officially booked!

Service Name

Planning & Filming
After booking, you're set for a while. We communicate as much as you want, and I will have a couple questionnaires to collect details. A couples weeks before the wedding, we'll have a phone call to lock down some finals odds  & ends
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Service Name

The edit is when it all comes together! Using music, audio and video from the day, I craft the perfect film. There is no shortcut, and I take the necessary time to polish every film down to the subtlest details. I'll keep you updated until it shows up in your inbox! It will also be on social media for easy sharing.
Editing & Delivery
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What do film packages include?
The highlight film is the centerpiece of all packages. You may also select from packages that include separate films covering the whole ceremony or parts of the reception. If you want all the goodies, you may select from Add-ons like raw footage or an engagement session.
How much do couples typically spend with you?
My couples spend anywhere from $3-4k depending on the wedding collection of your choice. I'm happy to discuss custom packages if you need more or less coverage, such as an elopement or multi-day wedding.
How does booking and payment work?
I use HoneyBook which makes it super easy to book and pay. I take a 30% non-refundable retainer fee initially upon signing the contract, which both occur in one simple, online step. Then I can customize a payment plan that works best for you.
How long does it take to receive my film?
"I'M MAKING ART, MOM!" Depending heavily on my editing queue, the average time may take up to 2-4 months. This is pretty standard industry-wide for established filmmakers. I'll make sure to communicate so you know where I am at in the process.
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